"For an Ant I Know"

Scott Donald Sanderlin
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For an Ant I know

I'm there with you by heart, my friend,
I know you feel you see the end.
It is as dark as it may seem,
And life has lost its wond'rous gleam.

I pray you find the way tonight,
Ice in your veins and eyes of fright.
Look for the glow, shines o'er the sea,
And when it's seen, then you'll see me.

Tomorrow brings a day anew,
Doubts and worry become more few.
Take your arms and grab each shoulder,
And believe that there I am your holder.

When you see beyond the bend,
I know you'll see you're past the end.
Darkness gone and now to dream,
And life returns, your smile will beam.


To live is to wonder.
To wonder is to live.