Scott Donald Sanderlin
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Life is two times hard,
And today is all-out bangin'.
Feelin' like my sorry ass,
Is ready to be hangin'.
I been swung at from the left,
I been swung at from the right,
I been swung at from the middle,
And I think I've lost my sight.

But I listen to Big Papa,
Sittin' way up in the sky.
And I find out pretty quick,
That He wants to fix my "I".
Homey knows that I ain't playin',
'Cuz He made this livin' tough.
And I know He knows I manage,
'Cuz He made me strong enough.

So now that I done wrote it out,
And left myself expressed.
I'm feelin' light and clean again,
'Cuz I got shit off my chest.


To live is to wonder.
To wonder is to live.

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